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My life in movies, taken from the list here. Snagged from [ profile] sarian71.

My life in movies... )
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I went to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse with K this afternoon. She's been wanting to see it for ages, but I have to admit to being less than enthusiastic at the thought of sitting through two hours of sparkly vampires. But I finally gave in and agreed to go with her today. The things I do for that daughter of mine! *g*

To be fair, it wasn't that bad - in fact, I quite enjoyed it. I still find sparkly Edward and the Edward/Bella romance boring, but there were some great action scenes, and I quite like the werewolves. Team Jacob all the way for me! :D
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Remind me to never watch a scary movie before I go to bed ever again! o_O

I watched Paranormal Activity last night and scared myself half to death! It doesn't help that a lot of the movie takes place late at night in a bedroom. I ended up having nightmares most of the night!

It wasn't the best film I've ever seen, but OMG it was so creepy. It made me jump out of my skin more than once!

Not a movie for those of a nervous disposition...and especially not one to watch late at night. o_O


Apr. 1st, 2010 01:21 am
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I've just finished watching Up for the umpteenth time.

This movie just about kills me every. single. time.

I love it. The whole movie is wonderful, but it's worth watching for the first fifteen minutes alone.

And watching it on blu-ray is pure perfection.

And that's coming from someone who usually finds blu-ray completely over-rated.

Movies like this are what blu-ray was made for. :)

On a completely different note...

I have to accept the fact that I'm starting to become fannish about True Blood. I'm ridiculously excited about the first previews/promos of season 3, and I haven't felt like that about a show for a long time. I mean, I love Supernatural, Being Human, Caprica (and not just for JM) and Lost, etc...but I don't pay much attention to them until just before thay start to air. But with True Blood, I'm squeeing at the slightest sign of Eric bit of news, and I can't wait until June 13th when S3 starts to air. And I know for a fact that I'll be waiting up half the night just so I can see the episodes as soon as possible - just like I did when S2 aired.

And you know what? It's a good feeling! It's so nice to have something to look forward to again. :)

But don't worry, I still love BtVS, Spike and Spuffy. Like that's ever going to change! :D


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