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Now that was the Torchwood I know and love.

What can I say? I loved every single second of it!
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Well, I've seen ep1 of the new season of Torchwood...and I have to say I loved it! I thought it was a very promising start to the new era of the show.

Can't wait to see where they take it from here!

I'll post a more detailed review tomorrow. :)

The Hub 3

Oct. 23rd, 2009 10:20 pm
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K and I got back a couple of hours ago from the first night of the Hub 3 convention. We decided to have an early night tonight, as we have an early start in the morning. We're definitely planning on staying to party tomorrow night, though! :D

Very disappointed to hear that James won't be able to make it this weekend, but happy that his injury doesn't appear to be too serious. I'm sure we'll still have a great time, as there are still some great guests (I'm particularly looking forward to meeting Paul Copley and Nicholas Farrell - and K is excited about meeting GDL again!) and it's always good to spend time with friends. :)

The opening ceremony turned out not to be an opening ceremony at all, as no guests turned up. o_O It was hardly worth filling up the hall at all! The Gold Pass drinks reception has had to be postponed until tomorrow. Luckily for me I only have a Standard Pass, but I'm sure the Gold Pass holders must be disappointed.

I actually feel quite sorry for the organisers of this event. It must be a complete nightmare for them! And I have to say, so far the staff have been nothing but friendly and helpful - and the Hilton hotel has to be one of the most wheelchair friendly hotels I've ever been in!

But I'm still glad that we live so close to the event that we can drive there and back every day - which makes things so much easier for K. :)

And next week is Hallowhedon. My first weekend away on my own EVER! :D
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What a brilliant piece of television! Incredibly disturbing, but completely gripping and well acted throughout.

I loved it.
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Whoa!! That was...

*is shocked*

Can it be tomorrow night already? Please?

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Another great episode! *loves*

I'm impressed by how high the standard is this year.

Roll on tomorrow! :D


Jul. 6th, 2009 10:08 pm
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Wow! How good was that?

Can't wait until tomorrow!

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I seem to have missed quite a few birthday's lately.

Wishing a belated happy birthday to [ profile] orchid_slayer, [ profile] fredsmith518, [ profile] schehrezade_1, [ profile] bogwitch, [ profile] slaymesoftly, [ profile] facingthesun, [ profile] willowwood, [ profile] mary5958 and [ profile] _a_s_h_l_e_e. I hope you all had a wonderful day. *hugs*

Also wishing a belated happy birthday to two of my oldest online friends, [ profile] southernbangel and [ profile] raelee! I love you guys. Don't ever forget it! I hope you both had a perfect day and that the year ahead is a good one for you. *many, many hugs*

Wishing a very happy birthday today to the lovely [ profile] alwaysjbj and my good friend [ profile] spikesdeb!! I hope you have the best of days. *big hugs*

In other news, K and I both have Premium tickets to JM's latest London event, The Rift. Yay! :D

Hope to see some of you there. :)
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That was one hell of an episode!

Even better than I thought it was going to be.

James was fantastic!

As was the rest of the cast.

I think I need to go and lie down for a minute...

*fans self*
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Only 24 minutes to go.

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Thanks to [ profile] elisi, I've just seen one of the best Jack vids I've ever seen. A must-see for any Jack Harkness fan! :)

With all the JM and Cap'n John squeeing I've been doing, you might be forgiven for not realising that I'm also a fan of JB, Cap'n Jack, and indeed of Torchwood itself (although the first series was a bit hit and miss for me). This video reminded me of exactly why I love the character so much:

Behind Blue Eyes by [ profile] obfreak

I've always associated the song Behind Blue Eyes with Spike (how could you not?) and didn't think that it would work for me in a Jack vid, but it really, really does!

Enjoy! :)

A few thoughts about Spike, John Hart and JM )
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There are two wonderful new Torchwood communities dedicated to Captain John and John/Jack:

[ profile] guns_n_poodles is a community for all things Captain John


[ profile] roguetimeagents is dedicated to everything John/Jack.

Have fun! :D

My squee for this episode is showing no signs of slowing down. Expect to hear me squeeing all over LJ when the episode finally airs. Either that or I will have exploded from sheer joy! *g*
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A little Jack/John drabble.

Cut for language and spoilers )
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The birds are singing outside.

But...but...I can't seem to tear my eyes away from the Torchwood preview.

It's even hotter than I thought it was going to be!

*fans self again*
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A preview of the first ep of Torchwood is available through the red button on the BBC...

I'm not going to say any more, other than that I have a huge fucking grin on my face right now!


*fans self*


Jan. 7th, 2008 02:57 pm
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I see my flist is all of a squee over *that* screencap, so I thought I might as well join in! :D

My excitement over this episode has now reached fever pitch! *bounces*

Just over a week to go. Squee! :D
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I think my excitement over Cap'n John and Torchwood may have gone a little bit too far when I nearly break my neck rushing to catch a BBC trailer...and not even a new one! It's one that I already have downloaded on my computer and can watch whenever I want. LOL!

I sat there with a silly grin on my face, rewinding my Sky+ box over and over again. *g*

I really must be insane.

But it's so much fun!

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All credit goes to TubbyK over on CDS. Just scroll down a bit. Thanks to [ profile] bendy1 for the heads up. :)

Read at your peril...MAJOR SPOILERS )


Is it 2008 yet?

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I've just seen JM on the Friday Night Project with JB. :D

There was no mistaking that laugh! Hee!

It was very brief, but the boy looked good!

ETA: He was on the set of Torchwood. :)
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