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So the latest Buffy comic is out.


Now that's going to make me want to start reading S9 again!

*rolls eyes*
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A little later than planned due to RL issues, here are the results of my Buffy S8 poll:

For some reason penguins seem to be quite popular. ;)

Participants: 79

Is S8 canon?

29 (36.7%) said that they didn't consider S8 to be canon.
15 (19.0%) said a resounding "Kaark!"
13 (16.5%) don't read the comics at all.
12 (15.2%) said that they did consider S8 to be canon.
10 (12.5%) simply can't decide.

In S8 is Buffy:

38 (50.7%) think Buffy is OOC in S8.
18 (24.0%) think Buffy is a penguin.
10 (13.3%) had another explanation (which was expanded on by some participants in the comments section of the post)
09 (12.0%) think Buffy is the same as she was on the TV show.

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I'll leave the poll open for the time being, so feel free to participate if you haven't already! :)
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Chris Ryall (from IDW) answers questions on the S8 debacle over here on Whedonesque.

Oh dear...

Jan. 12th, 2010 01:28 am
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This is so much more interesting than the comics themselves! :D

[ profile] sueworld2003 keeps us updated (expect spoilers for S8):

And there's more...

Love them or loathe them, the comics have definitely got people talking about the Buffyverse again!
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Do you know what amuses me most about the latest spoiler from the BtVS S8 comics?

So many people (and I include myself in this) keep on saying that they 'really don't care what happens', that they're 'not interested' and that they 'don't count what happens in the comics as canon', and yet...when something happens that they really don't like (or really do like - it works both ways!)? They can't help but post about it, expressing their displeasure (or amusement *g*) at the latest development!

So it strikes me that they care about what happens so much more than they like to admit!

And that's understandable.

Spoilers for S8 )

But putting the comics to one side for a moment...

I've been thinking about fandom lately, and how other people see those of us who are involved in one. Without naming any names, I've been dabbling in a few other fandoms lately (but mainly on the outside looking in)...and I haven't really liked what I've seen. There are some seriously weird people out there! And I have to wonder - is that how other people see us? Do we come across like that to them?


*looks up*

*reads own post*

I guess that answers that one then! *g*
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I'm supposed to be taking a break from shush, don't tell anyone I've been here. ;)

My copy of Spike: Old Wounds arrived yesterday morning. I've never been one to buy comic books, but I've bought the majority of the books that have been released since the show(s) ended. I need to get my fix somewhere! I've enjoyed reading them so much more than I thought I would.

Spoilers under the cut.

Spike: Old Wounds )

*tiptoes out again*


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