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Summer Movies

Jul. 22nd, 2017 08:15 am
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I've been going to the movies this summer!

Wonder Woman - Of course I saw this! It was really good. My biggest criticism is that the climactic battle at the end goes on for too long, to the point that I was getting bored with it, but everything up until then was great. Honestly, beyond whether I liked the movie or not, I'm just thrilled that a female-directed, female-led, superhero movie broke though in a huge way with audiences, critics, and at the box office.

The Beguiled - During the Civil War, wounded Union soldier Colin Farrell is taken in by the women and girls remaining at a Virginia boarding school, led by Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst. With a fox in the henhouse, trouble, naturally, ensues. This was very atmospheric and beautiful to look at, and the actors are all great. There's been some criticism leveled at the movie for nearly completely eliding over the existence of slavery, and I agree that it's a weird, off-putting, choice that makes the story feel completely disconnected from the reality of history. Having said that, I did like this movie while I was watching it, though I'm not sure it amounts to much in the end.

The Big Sick - The real-life love story of comedian/actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily Gordon, who meet after one of his stand-up shows and fall in love, but break up after Emily realizes that Kumail doesn't see a future for them because his devout Muslim Pakistani parents are trying to arrange a marriage for him and he's afraid they'll disown him if he admits to them that he's dating a white, non-Muslim woman. Shortly after they break up, Emily becomes very ill and ends up in a medically-induced coma, causing her parents, played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano, to come to town. This was really good, very funny and sweet. It does suffer from third-act sag, where a few minutes should have been trimmed off to make the movie tighter and sharper, but overall I really liked this one.

Baby Driver - Baby (Anson Elgort), is the genius getaway driver for crime boss Kevin Spacey. Baby just has to work on one more big score, then he'll be out of debt to Spacey and able to drive off into the sunset with his waitress girlfriend. Naturally, things go sideways and he ends up running for his life. First, it must be acknowledged that this is a terrible title, one that makes it sound like a kid's movie, like Boss Baby. I saw this because the reviews were nearly universally positive, making it sound like a fun, unique, action-comedy. And parts of this movie ARE a lot of fun; the car chases are staged almost like musicals, set to the music that Baby is constantly listening to through ever-present earbuds. But in the last third, everything devolves into a hyper-violent climax, and...meh. I can't get into all the reasons this movie fell apart for me without getting into spoiler territory, but I walked out feeling unsatisfied by the whole thing. However, on the plus side, it was both filmed in and set in Atlanta, and it was fun to see some familiar sights, including a chase through the Peachtree Center Mall, home of the food court everyone eats at during Dragon*Con.

Because I saw all these movies, I also saw a lot of movie trailers recently:

Atomic Blonde - Charlize Theron kicks people in the face. Looks good!

Pitch Perfect 3 - Answering all the questions left by Pitch Perfects 1 & 2.

Home Again - Reese Witherspoon plays a 40 year old divorced mother, who, on the night of her birthday, picks up a young twentysomething guy for a one-night stand. Somehow, he and his two friends end up living with her and her kids? Then her ex-husband reappears, wanting his family back. Without seeing this movie, I am going to predict that it will end with Reese and her ex reuniting, which is the most boring and predictable way that it could end.

Thor: Ragnorak - I've seen this trailer several times now, and doubt that I'll see the movie until it hits Netflix, but I have to admit, I laugh every time when Thor sees the Hulk and says "We know each other from work!"

Flatliners - Apparently, the world needed a remake of this 1990 Julia Roberts/Keifer Sutherland thriller. I've seen the original a couple of times and remember absolutely nothing about it.

American Assassin - I watched two seasons of Teen Wolf, and I absolutely did not recognize Dylan O'Brien (Stiles) as the actor playing the main character in this trailer. The plot of this movie hinges on the death of O'Brien's girlfriend.

The Foreigner - Jackie Chan seeks vengeance on Pierce Brosnan. The plot of this movie hinges on the death of Chan's daughter.

The Dark Tower - Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey star in this adaptation of the Stephen King novel. No women speak in this trailer.

IT - Also based on a Stephen King novel. You know, the one with the clown. I don't remember any women or girls speaking in this trailer, but Beverly has to be there, right? Either way, I'm not going to watch it again to find out.

The Kingsmen 2 - Sequel to the movie from a few years ago about British spies. No women speak in this trailer (though, to be fair, music plays over most of the trailer).

Dunkirk - WW2 war movie. No women speak in this trailer (though, to be fair again, it's mostly battle scenes and there probably were not many, if any, women present at the Battle of Dunkirk).

Daddy's Home 2 - The ace comedy team of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reteam for more dad-based hijinks, this time with their own fathers, played by John Lithgow and Mel Gibson, who we're apparently allowing to be a movie star again. There is a little girl with a short line of dialogue in this trailer. The only other woman who says anything is a a mother who says "No, no, no," when Gibson starts to tell the kids a joke that starts out "Two dead hookers washed up on a shore." So, Gibson doesn't just get to star in movies again, he also gets to tell violently misogynistic jokes in them. Cool. Cool. Cool.

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:53 pm
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I been trying to think of things to do, and I wondered if I could go sleep in a castle.
As you do.
Turns out I live in the only bit of the country where this is not simples (:eyeroll:)
but Britain is very well provided with castles
especially if you count 19th century thingies with lots of glass.

I want to get a room up a tower and stare out the window and write something exciting.
... there may be a few practical difficulties if said tower doesn't have a lift, but as long as I only go up and down a couple times a day carefully, should be fine.

So I wondered if you can sleep in Eilean Donan castle
and not as such, no, but
they have a cottage and apartments with a view of it.

So I could sit in a perfectly ordinary flat, stare *at* an excellent castle, and write something exciting.

Different vibe, but doable.

Might take more planning than usual. I looked up how to get there and there was a post being all "you're in luck! it's just a two hour bus ride!"

... the picturesque bits and the accessible bits of the country maybe might not as much overlap...

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I mean at the moment my vaguest plan gets as far as a beach, because I haven't been for ages. But there is a lot of beach. I could choose new and unusual bits of it.

... there's a bit of me that is just, like, wherever I go, I'll just be there. How different can it be?

But I went to Stonehenge and I went to see a play in original Shakespeare places and those were both excellent expeditions I still have many memories of.

... also immensely stressful, but, that happens most places. that happens sitting here...

So I'm just cranking my daydreams bigger to see what I could see.

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:13 am
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I like the Latest Things tags, and have the Doctor Who tag open to check most of the time, but it never goes back very far. Tumblr searches are very hit and miss and mostly full of pictures, but you can search the tags, if it feels like cooperating. That bit is nifty.

Lacking a fandom newsletter and link roundup it's still really hit and miss.

I need to find comms more focused on what I'm actually watching. DC TV mostly, slow rewatch of Flash with Legends to follow.

... I'm not sure how many people are active here at all. many people just sort of went quiet.

I should check around a bit and find talky people.

Tags make that easier.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:27 am
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Ripper , Giles by wakeupinacoma.

Chapter One of Nightjar , Spike/Xander by [personal profile] sparrow2000.

Giles/Dawn video by wakeupinacoma.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 11:38 pm
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1. And the FB debate on Carol's page continues...the poster who is cisgender, heterosexual, is offended because he sees it as a forced gender reassignment done by the writer. And refuses to ever watch the television show again because the Doctor is now being played by a woman.

the debate continues )
This is fascinating to me, because I honestly do not understand the backlash. Although I have seen it before in fandom. It's why, I've swung clear of fandom over the years. There' put it kindly, a kind of craziness that occurs in people when they get obsessed with something. And if they are shipping a character not the story, a specific character as they perceive and identify with that character in their can get heated.

That's the danger in shipping characters or relationships hard. Or being a devoted fan of a character, not a story or the world or all the characters within the narrative or the narrative itself, but a specific iconic character and/or relationship often at the expense of the canon or all logic.

I saw it in the Buffy fandom. A lot. A telling sign? I just want my television boyfriend to be happy.
(Ahem, the story ends when he is happy. There is no story. It's boring. We need conflict. This is not real life. This is a fictional story.)

2. On a funnier note... DALEKS ATTACK BRITISH TABLOIDS AFTER THEY POST NUDE PHOTOS OF NEW DOCTOR WHO...although I couldn't quite tell if the nude photo bit was fictional, if not, for shame you nasty people you.

3. our crazy ass government )

Riverrrrrrr <3

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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the first episode of the second season of Enterprise, THIS IS PRETTY COOL. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Star Trek

I’ll admit that the second half of “Shockwave” doesn’t feel that character-heavy until the final few scenes. Oh, there are some cool moments here and there, like Hoshi deciding to face her claustrophobia in order to reach Reed and the Doctor. Instead, this is nearly all action, a tense follow-up to the double cliffhangers we got at the end of season one. I AM FINE WITH THIS. It’s just fun, and there’s nothing wrong with that! I have some logistical questions, sure, and I’ll get to that at the end, but in short: this was a blast to watch. Y’all know I’m a fan of well-executed tension, and this provided that.

How? Well, the Suliban are still a formidable antagonist, even though they’re not the antagonist of the show so far. They were just hired by someone else, and we still don’t know who that entity or person is. (That weird Future Person??? Maybe???) Regardless, that doesn’t distract from how creepy the Suliban are, despite that none of them do that awful limb stretching thing, and none of them camouflage themselves either. It’s the threat of the possibility that makes them so frightening. They could resort to that at any time, and we never know if they’re going to. So watching them invade Enterprise after T’Pol relents was unnerving. What if one of them went invisible and just stayed on the ship and never left? What if at any point, one of them was hiding in someone’s quarters and listening in on all their conversations? IT WAS POSSIBLE.

Look, I never assumed any of the threats leveled at these characters were empty threats, and that’s the best way to to build tension. Most of the audience is savvy enough to recognize what’s going on, but how can you get them to suspend their disbelief?

I mention that because, for the most part, I was able to do this. I couldn’t figure out how T’Pol would get the Suliban off the ship, and I was even less certain of how Archer was going to get back to the present time. And, for the most part, I think I know what happened, but I’ve got some questions:

What happened to Daniels? I think we can guess that there was only enough power to transport one person back or forward in time, and of the two, Archer was the more important one. His absence from history had unraveled everything and THE FEDERATION NO LONGER CAME TO BE. But does this mean that Daniels is forever trapped? Or did history snap back into existence, and Daniels is back in the correct timeline at home?

What exactly was Archer’s plan to get home? This seems so strange to me, but we never actually hear what it is that Daniels and Archer came up with. They needed someone – that ended up being Reed – to get that device from Daniels’s quarters. Does that also mean that Reed was supposed to get captured? Was the whole point to get it into Silik’s room so that he’d try to use it to contact the person whose instructions he was following? And if that’s the case – it already seems like a lot – then how could they have known he would have done something that would allow Archer to step through the stream?

Who is giving Silik his orders? Why is this still a mystery? Is it a single person or a conglomerate? DO WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE OR ARE THEY A NEW CHARACTER?

It’s entirely possible – hell, highly likely! – that these mysteries are intentional. I may find out exactly what’s going on in season two. I think that’s what the show is trying to do, but I’m not sure. It felt appropriate to put these questions in a review, though, so that you can all be entertained watching me struggle with this story. IT’S ALL FOR YOU.

The video for “Shockwave, Part II” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the fortieth episode of the second season of Gargoyles, I DEEPLY LOVE THIS EPISODE. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles

Trigger Warning: For nonconsensual drugging.

Oh, this is just SO GOOD, y’all. There’s a surprising amount of worldbuilding packed into these twenty minutes, and it’s so impressive! It’s also a fantastic episode for me to get to in the same batch as “The New Olympians,” which a polar opposite reality in terms of mythical creatures and humanity. Look, I was shocked when the citizens of Ishimura, Japan watched as their local gargoyle clan attacked the thieves who tried to take advantage of them. I honestly thought it was an animation mistake, but NOPE. The town of Ishimura has a symbiotic, mutual relationship with their gargoyles. IT WAS SO VERY EXCITING TO SEE. It speaks to a possibility, one where gargoyles and humans can work out their differences and survive together.

This isn’t the only new thing introduced here, though. The gargoyles of the Ishimura clan are also integrated into generational teaching for the humans, though it had been many, many years since they had last taught anyone bushido. The humans protected the gargoyles during the day. AND THE GARGOYLES FACED INWARDS TOWARDS THEIR CITY INSTEAD OF TOWARDS THE SUN. Oh my god, the cultural differences here were so fascinating! I love that the writers thought about these sort of things and put them on the screen.

I say that because it helps make the story given to us mean a whole lot more. I am still in awe of the fact that “Bushido” gave us a scheming antagonist who turns into a redemptive protagonist in LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES. Yama gets an entire arc that some shows struggle with over the course of an entire season or show, and yet, it’s pulled off here in relatively no time. Ishimura seemed like such a utopia – or at least as close as you could get to one in this context – and yet Yama hated it. He felt trapped. Controlled. So he plotted with Taro to give the gargoyles a different kind of existence, one where they’d no longer have to hide within Ishimura.

I assumed that Yama knew the ramifications of this choice, but I’m even more enamored with the idea that he saw this as a stepping stone, a means to an end. He actually thought that Taro –who lied to the gargoyles about Ishimura, who drugged Elisa, who attacked his fellow citizens, who set up an ENTIRE GARGOYLES THEME PARK SO HE COULD MAKE MONEY OFF THEM – was going to be a man of his word. Thus, Yama becomes a naïve character, one who has a misguided idea of how to attain his own happiness. It’s all the expense of himself and his clan, though he doesn’t see it until it’s too late.

Yet when that moment comes, he respects the system of honor (FINALLY) that he’d lived with his whole life. He puts his body on the line multiple times while fighting Taro, and then, he leaves Ishimura after dishonoring them. HIS WHOLE ARC IS LESS THAN TWENTY MINUTES LONG AND I WILL KEEP SHOUTING THIS OVER AND OVER BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD. How does this show keep introducing such incredible characters every goddamn episode? Why do I keep wanting spin-offs of all of these new locations? Because, y’all, this writing is so good. I haven’t even touched on the other clan members, or how cool it is that Elisa teams with one of the citizens to PUBLICLY HUMILIATE TARO FOR HIS CRIMES. Oh my gods, I just adore this episode.

The video for “Bushido” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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Happy Birthday!!

Jul. 21st, 2017 01:22 pm
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A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only [profile] kerkevik2014.

May you have a lovely lovely day and may the Goddess bless you. <3
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How Sere Picked Up Her Laundry by Alexander Jablokov

The Girl Who Stole Herself by R. Garcia y Robertson

I posted about the first of these as soon as read it, considering it worth the cover price on its own, , but the other novella was also strong.

Central female character, mostly talking to girls and women, interesting career progression very swiftly, and a worldbuild that goes out in stages that make sense but sometimes managed to surprise me. Trigger warning for attempted rape, interrupted, and several different situations where sexual contact is implied or mentioned in situations cannot be freely consented to, like women in prison or slaves or attempted underage. It's all about how messed up all that all is. Protagonist is a 'closet princess' who spends all her time on the net, whose adventures in virtual reality have practical applications and real world political consequences. Interesting, but, see triggers.

Asimov's keeps being darker like that than is my preference.

Read more... )

So that's a couple I can't see why they're SF, a lot that are darker than I'd like, and a couple of very readable ones.

So, basically, I can see Asimov's is doing a thing. It seems like a competently written thing. But it is only sometimes an overlap with things I want to read.

Still, good when it is.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 08:56 am
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If you think you have invented an ansible
instant, faster than light, communication
and you only have one planet to test it on

how would you test?

if magic is ftl, how would they figure that out?

Gender arguments

Jul. 21st, 2017 08:25 am
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The thing that makes conversations about gender and media difficult to have
is that, in an ideal world, I'd want gender to be a nonbinary system, a gender spectrum, with no particular weight or pressure to so much as pick a position on it, let alone be stuck there.

... but I am aware that this ideal world is based on what would make the world most comfortable for me, and other people want to do their own thing, so okay, I guess, they can play this two sided thing, if they particularly want.

Read more... )

We have to start by engaging with the dominant paradigm, but I get so tired of it when it is being a really intolerable paradigm.

There's no room for anyone in this thing, why even prop it up?

So what this adds up to is, the Doctor has potential to be my ideal character. All Time Lords do now. Because they can demonstrate in one continuous person the utter irrelevance of packaging.

But, because they are on the whole written by binary people in a binary system, it seems annoyingly likely they won't.

And yet it's still progress, because parity is at least twelve more Doctors away, so this is a place to start.

It's just kind of wearying knowing that saying this out loud is... pretty likely to start an argument on the fundamentals. Like, gender. What is even up with that?

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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:56 pm
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1. Note to self when you feel irritated and frustrated with life or anything, stay off the internet.

2. I've been thinking about something that I read in The Mary Sue, which also skips back to a discussion in a friends FB. It's about identifying as a gender. Or a better way of saying it -- identifying a character as "male" or "female", and that being an identifying characteristic that cannot be changed. I'm struggling to wrap my head around it. Because I wonder sometimes what traits we consider to be typically male or female.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine actually handled gender identity in an interesting manner. One of their aliens Jadzia Dax was symbiot. The symbiot jumped from body to body, merging with a new one and becoming reborn. The Captain of the Space Station, Benjamin Sisko had issues with Jadzia at first, because he'd known Dax as male in Dax's prior incarnation.

Jadzia Dax is a joined Trill. Though she appears to be a young woman, Jadzia lives in symbiosis with a wise and long-lived creature, known as a symbiont, named Dax. The two share a single, conscious mind, and her personality is a blending of the characteristics of both the host and the symbiont. As such, Jadzia has access to all the skills and memories of the symbiont's seven previous hosts. Jadzia holds academic degrees in exobiology, zoology, astrophysics and exoarchaeology, all of which she earned before being joined with the symbiont Dax. (DS9 Season 1 Episode Dax)

Jadzia Dax is the station's chief science officer, and is close friends with commander Benjamin Sisko and Bajoran first officer Kira Nerys. Later in the series, she becomes involved with the Klingon character Worf, and they marry during the sixth season of the show. Her character is killed by Gul Dukat during the sixth-season finale (due to Terry Farrell's desire to pursue a role on the then upcoming TV show Becker with Ted Danson). The character of Dax re-emerges in the seventh-season premiere in the form of Ezri Dax.

It's difficult to handle. Particularly when we are socialized to put a great deal of importance on gender roles. Everything in our culture impresses this upon us. It's ingrained in us as babies. Even down to clothing. My niece stated once that she was happy she was born a girl because she could wear skirts and dresses. Which struck me as interesting because I've met men who wore dresses in NYC. Even went contra-dancing with one of them. I wore pants, he was wearing a skirt. Her statement even more amusing when I consider that my brother refused to tell anyone the gender of his child prior to her birth, so they would not get her gender specific items. He wanted blue, not just pink or vice versa.

At work, I once discussed Mad Men with a male coworker, who felt Elizabeth Moss' character was too masculine. That she clearly wanted to wear the pants. And wasn't willing to be female. And wanted to be a man. (I had to take three steps back, swallow hard, and remember he's not aware he's being sexist here. And he's not sexist in other ways.)

Remember being on a fanboard when it was announced that Starbuck in BattleStar Galatica reboot was being recast as a woman. Fans of the previous series went nuts. Dirk Benedict who'd portrayed the role was deeply offended. (Sort of makes me rather proud of Colin Baker who portrayed Doctor Who and adores the idea of a female Who, of course Who is a bit some respects, but still.).
One woman on the board went ballistic. She felt it was an insult. How dare they! The more people complained about it, and they did through the entire course of the series, the more excited the writers became. Starbuck was interesting to me, because in some respects Katee Sackoff played the character more masculine than Benedict, more tough. She was high adrenaline. A Boxer. Took Apollo down in the ring. An ace pilot. Smoked those cigars with glee. Took no prisoners. A complete subversion of gender stereotypes. The writers through the recast challenged viewers and their own concept of gender. And identity. It was a brilliant move, but also a risky one.

Years ago, I wrote a Fanged Four fic with various members of a board. And a fight broke out while writing the fic. One of the writers had come up with the idea of having Angel and Spike dress up as women to infilterate a dance hall and fool a villain. But at least two people in the group, it was a collaborative writing effort, got really upset about the idea of "Angel" wearing a dress. They felt it demeaned the character somehow or was OTT. We compromised, most of the Spike fans had no problems with Spike wearing a dress. And I agreed to write the Spike in dress sequences along with the two other people.

And...I will always remember a fascinating discussion I had once with my brother and father regarding male writers. My brother despises Cormac McCarthy and Ernest Hemingway, he hates machismo and he's never really been a fan of James Bond. He said...that he feels it's limiting, that men are being pressured into falling into some sort of ideal -- the idea of a macho man, alpha, strong, and sort of cruel. My father, a fan of these writers and characters, was bewildered and felt too many books were geared towards women not men. He also had the odd view that women were more nuturing, caring, natural gardners, caregivers, and domestic, while men were more protective, less good with kids, and more pragmatic. My brother and I sort of threw that theory out the window. Since we are sort of the opposite or a hodge podge of both. We, my brother and I, both strongly believe that gender is immaterial and a spectrum. That it doesn't matter. When I mentioned once to him that women navel gaze more than men and are more into emotion and analyzing it, he blew my theory out of the water by telling one of his male friends did this sort of thing all the frigging time.

I'm talking about all this... because several things, not just one, have happened that brought it to the surface. The book I'm reading at the moment is driving me nuts, it's a fantasy novel and it is so...boilerplate on gender. Reinforcing stereotypes. Makes me miss Captive Prince. One of the reasons a lot of women like male/male romances is that a lot of gender stereotypes get exploded, also you don't have to deal with the ingrained sexism that is in the female/male romances. Did you know that a lot of reviewers on Amazon and Good Reads actually capitalize the word "Hero" and lowercase the word "heroine", with H/h? It blew my mind when I first noticed it. I started responding, please stop this, then gave up.

And of course the election from hell...resulting in the President from hell. I guess you could say the Europeans are more advanced in that respect. Except the Europeans don't elect candidates necessarily so much as parties. And it is the party that elects the candidate. So just that district elected Margaret Thatcher or Theresa May. I wonder if the entire country had to vote for them, if the result would have been the same? (Not sure about Germany.) And to be fair, Hillary did get the popular vote. But it's disconcerting that a lot of people chose to vote for a man who had not one but several allegations of sexual harrassment and sexual violence against him, various civil suits, and said derogatory things about women over a woman who apparently had no clue how to use email. Yet, they tell me they aren't sexist or misogynistic. And they aren't. Not in their day to day pursuits.
So why? Why chose to believe the horror stories about Hillary over Trump? Was it about gender? Hard to appears to be. They say it wasn't. Yet. Same deal with Bernie vs. Hillary. They say it's not, and maybe not, many of the ads screamed it. Hillary was too masculine, too hard, not friendly enough, didn't wear the right clothing.

And now, the ruckus over Doctor Who. In a perfect world, it wouldn't matter. Doctor Who in a perfect world would have been black, blue, a woman, an man, old, young, and something in between. In a perfect world, it wouldn't matter that Barack Obama is black, or that Hillary is female. But alas, we don't live in a perfect world. We live a flawed one. From an objective pov, such as my mother's or various others...this seems rather silly. Just as getting upset over making James Bond female or casting a female version of Bond might. (Which they did, by the way.) But not as James Bond. Not that they can. James Bond is after all human and he doesn't regenerate. And the movies don't necessarily follow a serialized format. I don't why they couldn't cast a female Bond, anymore than they couldn't cast a female Starbuck or female Wolverine. Or, Spike or Angel female. I'd actually like to see someone reboot Angel the Series but with a gender flip. Less so, Buffy, because been there done that.
(There was a British show a while back about a boy who was chosen to fight monsters...) And to be fair, the whole point of Buffy was to challenge a gender trope. (To give you a little back story on Buffy? Whedon studied film in school, and almost all horror films killed the Buffy character off, she was staked, slayed, and often in an alley. With the guy being the hero. Also up to Buffy, all vampire stories had the girl killed, and they guy be the vampire slayer. In short, we've had 100 years of Buster the Vampire Slayer. Whedon was flipping the trope. If you recast Buffy with a guy, it wouldn't be interesting. Actually that's why Supernatural isn't very interesting ...because been there, done that. It doesn't challenge any established tropes. It doesn't do anything interesting. At the end of the day, it's mindless tv. Which is okay. I like mindless tv. But it's not great. Buffy was great because it changed television. And it did it by challenging established gender tropes and archetypes.)

I think the problem with challenging these tropes in culture is two-fold. One, people have a tendency to watch things with their genitalia or as masturbation fodder. I know, I know, insane, but there it is. They won't admit it. But if someone is posting pictures of a hot character...

Two...there's this thing about archetypes and that's psychological. Role models. Needing a strong male hero to fantasize about or love or look up to. And...whether we want to admit it or not, a need to reinforce traditional views and comforting categories that we were taught.

I don't this is speculation for the most part. Because I like flipping the gender roles. I get off on it. I'm doing it myself to an extent, in my writing. I like subvert established tropes. And it irritates me when artists don't. Like with the book I'm reading now. For me, art is more interesting when they aren't playing it safe. It's hard for me to understand why you want it to be safe?
Or maybe I do...I do watch and read things for comfort. Although they aren't necessarily conventional.

Again, I don't know. I don't know why the guy on my friend's FB page can't handle a female Doctor Who. He's rational is that Who is from his perspective identified as male. That the proof of that is how he loved, that he loved in a heterosexual male way. As if there is such a thing. Maybe there is?
I don't know there was never any sex on Doctor Who. It was implied but rather coyly. My friend was as bewildered by this as I was. He suggested that she'd be upset if Wonder Woman was cast as a male.
But that already happened, with Wonder Man. The US has less problems with this sort of thing in its cultural experiments than the Brits apparently. We do it all the time. So part of my bewilderment may be that I'm used to it. Example? Starbuck.

And I don't know why Hillary couldn't become President. Or why we insist on reinforcing these things.

I don't understand my own views on it. But I think we need to ask the questions. Ask why. I don't think it is something as simple as misogyny or sexism ...I think it is more about how we link gender and identity in our heads, giving gender perhaps more importance then we should? Another way of looking at it...a lot of people I've met online...I've no idea from their names what gender they are. I guess. But I've been wrong. They've guessed about me and been wrong. Although I always thought shadowkat was rather obvious. I remember one individual being pissed that we felt the need to out their gender. They preferred to be genderless online. To be without a gender. I think it was interesting that I felt the need to identify it.
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

Hello, friends! Well, time for my first prediction post for Enterprise, which snuck up on me so quickly! ARE YOU READY probably AM I READY probably not

So, just a quick re-hash of some rules in case you are one of the folks who is new around here and wants to know how these work. Please do not spoil me. Seems obvious, and while it’s been years since someone messed this up: this also means you shouldn’t tell me whether a prediction is right or wrong. Or quote it and respond with a GIF reaction. Or tally how many are correct or incorrect. Just let my wrongness (or eerie rightness) stand untouched so as to provide maximum embarrassment later on. TRUST ME, IT’S WORTH IT.

You are also allowed to participate if you are watching this for the first time! Don’t post fake predictions, though. We’ll know.


  1. Archer constructs a method of leaving the 31st century.
  2. Daniels explains how he is not dead, but sort of is.
  3. Silik confronts Archer once in the premiere episode.
  4. But we’ll see him four more times this season.
  5. Archer and Daniels will find a way to undo the Paraagan attack/timeline.
  6. The main serialized focus of season 2 is the Temporal Cold War.
  7. So we’ll get an episode far into the past.
  8. And another episode way in the future.
  9. We will find out why Reed has such an odd relationship with his parents.
  10. We will also meet Travis’s family and get to see the cargo ship he grew up on!
  11. Hoshi’s language skills will save the day TWICE.
  12. We will meet another Denobulan!
  13. T’Pol will convince the Vulcan High Command not to abandon their partnership with the humans or stop humans from exploring space.
  14. I don’t have any predictions for Tucker and I swear I don’t hate him I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT I CAN PREDICT FOR HIM.
  15. He’ll get the hots for an alien? Probably.
  16. Season 2’s cliffhanger is gonna be bigger than this first one was.


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Jul. 20th, 2017 09:39 pm
beccaelizabeth: my Watcher tattoo in blue, plus Be in red Buffy style font (Default)
[personal profile] beccaelizabeth
I went dancing
dancing is nice
but I ended up annoyed because New Person
and now I don't know if there's any reasonable grounds for annoyance
or if its just because New
and I'm tired.

but dancing was nice
and shopping happened
and I probably have enough foods.
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Posted by Mark Oshiro

In the thirty-ninth episode of the second season of Gargoyles, IT WAS ALIENS. Intrigued? Then it’s time for Mark to watch Gargoyles

What isn’t a thing on this show??? Oh my god, ALIENS ARE REAL. There is an alien on Earth who was sent to protect it from the affects of a MULTI-GALAXY WAR. And this alien – named Nokkar and voiced by the PERFECT Avery Brooks – is the basis for the maoi on the island… which isn’t necessarily a great thing? It’s that trope where things of an indigenous population are attributed through fiction to someone else, which is one of the major problems I had with “Heritage.” Plus, “The Sentinel” does something far more insidious with its storytelling: it makes it seem like the Rapa Nui disappeared a long, long time ago, when the majority of residents of Easter Island today are descendants of the Rapa Nui.

So, let’s get that out of the way: the writers of this show intend good things with some of these stories, but they’ve got messy execution of those ideas. How many kids will watch this episode and believe that there are no Rapa Nui or their descendants left in the world? Of course, it’s a cartoon! With an alien! And talking gargoyles! You could argue that no one would believe anything from this show in any real sense. However, I’d argue that works of fiction that repeat tropes like this help to perpetuate misunderstandings. It wasn’t until I was in junior high and met someone Native that I learned that all the Native Americans in the United States weren’t dead. That seems like such a gross and absurd thing to state (I mean, it is), but it’s a pervasive myth, one that media and education enforces, either intentionally or accidentally.

If we put this aside, there’s still some neat character stuff between Goliath and Elisa. I’m not so sure I’m a fan of the whole galactic war idea. Like, it’s weird to say that maybe aliens are a bit too far? HOW CAN THAT BE THE LINE THAT THIS SHOW CAN’T CROSS? Thankfully, Nokar’s presence within the Gargoyles universe isn’t really about this (possibly ended) war. It’s more about how his mission to protect Earth nearly caused him to wipe out three members of a native species. In particular, his wipe of Elisa’s memories set in motion a conflict that felt very personal. Watching her interact with Goliath without her memory of their friendship was frustrating because… well, why should she have trusted him? Not only that, but her missing memory meant that she’d lost all the personal evolutions that she’d made along the way. One of the great things about Elisa is that she had learned to roll with the punches. She almost never reacts in shock or horror whenever she meets another creature or mythical being because everything’s relative to the gargoyles. Yet with the temporary amnesia in effect, she’s back to cynicism. Doubt. A desire to protect herself and other humans. Her instinct might eventually guide her back to Goliath, Angela, and Bronx, but throughout most of this, she’s defensive. Scared, even! And it’s such a fascinating look at a character who’s had her experiences for the previous year stripped from her. Who is she, then?

She’s still protective. Still loyal to humans. Still willing to help others when she senses that something’s wrong. And in the end, she trusts that her gargoyle friends are her friends, not some invasive force bent on destroying the world. I WAS FULL OF EMOTIONS, Y’ALL. Plus, Elisa pushes Nokkar towards the three humans who he might be able to form a friendship with, something he’d not done in centuries. SHE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT THE WORLD. And if there’s anything here that speaks to the beauty of Elisa, it’s this: Nokkar nearly destroyed her friends, and she still wanted him to find friendship.


The video for “The Sentinel” can be downloaded here for $0.99.

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